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Orders must be made directly with the artist by email or phone 860-228-3966.  

Visit the state-specific Art Gallery pages to view all of the prints available for purchase.  Prints available for the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New York and Rhode Island.  


Each photo will indicate if the artwork is a Limited Edition or an Open Edition. 

Pieces tagged as Open Editions in the Art Gallery are Diana Tyler's older style; a combination of pen and ink and watercolor.  The 12" x 16" size is a giclee' print; the 18" x 24" size is a pen and ink print that is individually hand-watercolored.

All artwork is available framed or unframed (mat included).  Choose between a classic gold frame or a contemporary black frame.  Packaging and shipping is extra.

Sizes, Pricing and Details For Prints

Limited Edition Pricing:

12" x 16"

Framed $50

Unframed $25

12" x 24"

Framed $80

Unframed $50

18' x 24"

Framed $95

Unframed $65

Open Edition Pricing:

12" x 16"

Framed $40

Unframed $15

18" x 24" 

Framed $125

Unframed $95

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Mat color choices:  Tone may vary from your display.

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